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Excavation & Land Services
in Delmarva

Commercial & Residential




Trenching and mini excavator service for residential, commercial, or contracted jobs. Assisting concrete companies, electrical or fiber optic companies, etc…

  • Site preparation
  • Back filling
  • Topsoil
  • Tree Removal
wide range of services

Land Services

Stone driveways – new, refreshing existing, providing materials at a competitive cost compared to national companies. Working with home builders or larger companies to provide easy service with any needs.

Property clearing – and brush removal for commercial or residential. Cutting
down brush or small trees, removing stumps, trash, debris, etc… And hauling
off/disposal as needed.

Grading of property – providing materials as needed for the customer and
grading/leveling property.

Retention pond cutting/clearing for residential properties or developments,
commercial properties, etc…

Rip rap work– placing large stone or material in areas along water or ponds to
eliminate erosion or water damage.

Storm cleanup or damage cleanup of properties- We offer dump trailers,
willing to travel to hard hit areas to assist. We have a large brush broom for
our machine to clean up properties or roadways after accidents.

Ditch clean outs – We have a variety of buckets to clean out ditches, assist
farmers with drainage issues, standing water, etc…

Commercial landscaping – removal of trees, debris, old materials and make
over of properties.

Concrete and asphalt sweeping



Evaluation business concerns or opportunities of the public’s
impression/opinion. Utilize my experience of being in retail management for over 25 years to bring not so obvious concerns to business owners’ attention.

Evaluate your properties visual appearance and provide an unbiased opinion
to your business that will improve customer’s perception and grow sustainable

Provide a detailed list of items or areas that need to be addressed or
corrected that are negatively affecting your business or image.

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